Eva's Story

Organ & Tissue Donor

Saul and Judith remember their daughter as young and happy. A thriving teenager, Eva filled her life with music, dancing and talking on the phone. Eva graduated from high school and, at the age of 18, intended to carry out her dream of helping other people. She was enrolled in college to study special education. Eva worked hard in and out of school, consistently performing as an honors student.

During her sophomore year, Eva’s father took her to the DMV for her much anticipated driver’s test. Thrilled at the thought of getting her license, Eva excitedly approached the desk clerk at the DMV counter. The woman asked if she would consider being an organ donor. Eva turned to her mother as her parents have long been registered organ donors who understood and support organ, eye and tissue donation. Of course, her mother approvingly smiled and Eva signed up that day to give the gift of life. She said to the woman, “Whatever you can use, whatever they need, they can have.” Little did she know that she would forever change the lives of six people.

Eva often wistfully spoke of one day owning a home, but most importantly she had dreams of helping people, especially seniors and the disabled. As early as fourteen, she cared for those in nursing homes and hospitals, sharing her beautiful smile that everyone knew.

Just a few days before beginning her freshman year in college Eva died in a tragic accident. Though her life was cut heartbreakingly short, she was able to help save the lives of many people as an organ and tissue donor.

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