“The Melody of Life” Donate Life Float at the 130th Rose Parade

enero 1, 2019

On New Year’s Day, local liver recipient, Colleen Reed from Denver, will escort the Donate Life Float at the 130th Rose Parade in honor of her donor.

Exactly three years prior to this year’s parade, on New Year’s Day 2016, Colleen learned from her doctor that her liver was full of tumors. She had a rare, and in her case aggressive, sarcoma that had taken hold of her liver and her life. After learning that her sarcoma could not be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, and that the best treatment option was a liver transplant, Colleen joined thousands of others across the country waiting for an organ transplant on the waiting list.

More than eight months after being diagnosed, Colleen received a lifesaving liver transplant. In the midst of tragedy and loss, the donor’s family supported the donation process and saved Colleen’s life and the lives of others. Colleen thinks of her donor and their family every day, and hopes to live in ways that bring honor to her donor’s life. She is forever grateful for the gift of life from her donor; for the love and support of her spouse, family and friends; for the excellent care she received throughout her journey; and for the lifesaving work of Organ Procurement Organizations across the country.

Colleen will be joined by 25 other individuals from across the country whose lives have also been touched by donation and transplantation.

Be sure to watch the 130th Rose Parade and look for Colleen on January 1, 2019! The Parade will be broadcast live starting at 8 a.m. PST on ABC, NBC, HGTV, Hallmark Channel, Univision and more. Check local broadcast listings for more information.