Welcome to Donor Alliance’s Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum! We know many teachers and students love our hands-on based program with the stations and activities. We have created a digital curriculum to make the program more accessible. As a part of our digital curriculum, you will still have an opportunity to see some of the materials used in the stations. The digital curriculum is password protected so please submit a request form below to receive access.

The Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum includes:

  • lesson plan for teachers
  • 5 videos
  • option for video conference with an educator after students have completed module
  • digital Family Discussion Survey
  • option for Google form for the activities
  • option for pdf files of Transplantation Science workbooks

What teachers have to say about the Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum: Thank you so much for setting up the meetings with both Kathy and Janelle-the kids absolutely loved it! It was a great opportunity to do something different in class. —Louisville Middle School Teacher

Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum - Request Form

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