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Coroner’s Corner: Jill Romann, Douglas County

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Elected in November 2014, Jill Romann is serving her first term as Douglas County Coroner. Prior to being elected, she served as Chief Deputy Coroner under the previous Douglas County Coroner.

Jill’s career spans more than 24 years as a board certified Medicolegal Death Investigator (MDI) working in both urban and regional medical examiner’s and coroner’s offices in Minnesota and Colorado. She has conducted approximately 50,000 death investigations and is one of only 175 current MDIs in her field who has achieved the highest level of tested certification from the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators (F-ABMDI 185).

What about organ and/or tissue donation makes you committed to helping facilitate the donation? I can provide the opportunity of hope in that their loved one will not only live on in their hearts and the hearts of friends and other family, but they will literally live on through organ and tissue donation. I promote a way in which their giving and loving spirit in life can be recognized even in death.

What is the one thing you would want others to know about your work? I’ve been knocking on doors for 25-almost 26 years, and it is time to stop and say Thank you Donor Alliance and thank you to your supporters; Thank you Lion’s Clubs, Lion’s Eye Banks and all other donor agencies. There will be more doors and more parents, but there will never be a more important tool in my professional tool-belt than providing the opportunity for my patients to continue to give in death as they did in life.

What are you most proud of? I’m most proud of saying the right things at the right time, to the right person, all while recognizing and accepting, their terror, anguish, and inability to comprehend or communicate. I’m proud of providing immediate and eventual answers. I’m most proud of them knowing that I too, cherish the lost life of their loved one and I will do everything possible to help them live on.

What book is on your nightstand? The Bible rests on my nightstand along with “Middle East for Dummies.”

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