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Donor Alliance Staff Spotlight, December 2023: Jessie Caputa

We’re so proud to work with each and every one of our staff members here at Donor Alliance. In our Staff Spotlight, we like to take a minute to share who we are and why we work at Donor Alliance. In this month’s staff spotlight, meet Jessie Caputa. Jessie is the Wyoming Community Relations Coordinator at Donor Alliance and has been part of the team for 10 months.

Meet Jessie in our December 2023 Donor Alliance Staff Spotlight

Tell us a little about your role at Donor Alliance:

I, along with the PR team, work to engage and educate Colorado and Wyoming residents. This includes traveling to the DMVs, digital marketing, advertising, media relations, events, and public education.

What do you enjoy most about/what’s the most rewarding aspect of your role? 

As a Community Relations Coordinator, I enjoy working with the community and our advocates to help spread awareness about organ eye and tissue donation. Hearing our advocates tell their stories is so inspiring and beautiful.

Tell us about a time at work that really moved you. What’s the most meaningful interaction you’ve had at a Donor Alliance event? Most moving experience you’ve been a part of? 

While traveling to the DMVs around Wyoming, I have heard stories from our DMV staff, who are working to educate the Wyoming residents daily. When you hear these stories of your “neighbors,” it touches our hearts even more.

If you change anything about your life, what would you change? 

Tough question… Currently live somewhere warmer.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun? 

When I am not working, I love to explore and stay active. I always have something going on, whether it is traveling somewhere or attending an event in Wyoming. I honestly just like to stay busy!

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