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Hospital 101: Donation Ambassador Workshop

By Kim Robuck, Hospital Development Manager

Last year, 151 critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, and other professionals key to the donation process attended a Donor Alliance ambassador training workshop. Hospital ambassadors are provided with in depth education on all aspects of the organ donation process, from the referral through organ & tissue recovery. Following the workshop, they facilitate communication and serve as a resource to their peers. Last year, Donor Alliance collaborated with ambassadors and other healthcare professionals to facilitate 139 organ donations in order to provide 424 lifesaving organs for transplantation.

If you are a hospital employee that works in a critical care area, please consider signing up for one of our Ambassador Training Workshops! This clinically-focused workshop is designed for ICU, OR, RT, and other health care providers interested in learning more about how they can collaborate with Donor Alliance to ensure an optimal organ and tissue donation process from family interactions through organ recovery. We will offer 6.0 Category 1 CEPTCs to participants, at no charge, and encourage you to participate in this informative and interactive day of learning. Our next workshop will be held at the Donor Alliance Recovery Center on Tuesday, March 28th.

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