noviembre 22, 2016

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Staff Spotlight: Cassie Hertert

noviembre 22, 2016
Donor Alliance Colorado Denver Wyoming Cassie Hertert

Cassie Hertert, Technology Solutions Engineer

We’re so proud to work with each and every one of our staff members here at Donor Alliance. In our Staff Spotlight, we like to take a minute to let you learn more about who we are and why we work at Donor Alliance.

Name: Cassie Hertert

Position: Technology Solutions Engineer

Years at Donor Alliance: Nearing two.

Why you chose to work at Donor Alliance: I’ve had a deep passion for our mission that was born long before I started working here. When my father began the journey toward a bilateral lung transplant, I learned of the widening gap between registered donors and those in need of a lifesaving organ. As he adjusted to his new pair of lungs, I was surprised to discover among my own family and friends a staggering lack of awareness about donation and their ability to participate. Witnessing the tremendous impact of such a sacred gift inspired me. At Donor Alliance, I am proud to have the opportunity to be part of the solution.

What does donation and transplantation mean to you: It means LIFE – the extension of the recipient’s, and the enduring legacy of the donor’s. It is honoring what has ended and celebrating what has begun.

Any direct connection to donation and transplantation: My dad received a lifesaving lung transplant in 2011. Through this profound gift, he met my two children, walked my sister down the aisle at her wedding, and savored every moment of life with his new lungs.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working (hobbies and such): I spend as much time as I can enjoying the outdoors with my husband, two toddlers, and our dog. When the weather forces us inside, I can usually be found knitting, reading, or strumming my dad’s guitar.

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