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We’re so proud to work with each and every one of our staff members here at Donor Alliance. In our Staff Spotlight, we like to take a minute to let you learn more about who we are and why we work at Donor Alliance.

Valerie Toth – Quality Assurance Coordinator

Name: Valerie Toth

Position: Quality Assurance Coordinator

Years at Donor Alliance: 6 years

Why you chose to work at Donor Alliance: Besides always being a supporter of tissue and organ donation, I wanted to know that the work I do is positively contributing to the community.

Why do you like working at Donor Alliance: Most importantly is the mission of saving lives through organ and tissue donation and having the opportunity to hear about the impact we make. I also love the culture within the organization as well as the team I get to work with on a daily basis.

What does donation and transplantation mean to you: To me, donation means a final act of kindness and generosity, while transplantation means hope and life.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working (hobbies and such): When I’m not at work I’m chasing after a very active toddler and preparing for him to be a big brother this spring! I also consider myself to be an ice cream enthusiast. My husband might say I spend my time thinking of home improvement projects.