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Donor Stories: Gabriela


Donor Sister: Gabriela

Gabriela is a donor sister from Denver, CO. Gabriela’s younger sister, Diana passed away at 16 year’s old and was an organ donor. This is Gabriela and Diana’s donation story.

Though her life ended much too soon, we know that Diana’s giving spirit lives on through the lives that she saved.

According to Gabriela, Diana was a quiet teenager who cared about others. She loved cats and playing legos with her little brother, and when she grew up she hoped to have her own show on the Food Network. Diana was also known for her brutal honesty and sassy personality.

She was very selective… to who she allowed in her life. But if you were one of the lucky ones she chose, you knew that you could always count on her.

The day that Diana tragically passed away in a car accident, three people she had never met did come to count on her.

When Diana’s family chose to honor her caring nature by donating her organs, her kidneys saved the lives of a man and woman and her liver was delivered to Missouri to save the life of a baby girl.

Gabriela says that her family remained in contact with the family of the baby, and the little girl is doing quite well.

We hear from them around once every two or three months. They have even sent us pictures of the baby.

Gabriela is an Advocate for Life, and a former intern at Donor Alliance.

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