Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Donate Life Wyoming Scavenger Hunt!

Q: With concerns around COVID-19/coronavirus, is the Scavenger Hunt still happening?

A: The safety of our Advocates for Life, Donor Alliance staff, volunteers and participants is of the utmost concern and importance to us. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have had to make some changes to the event format. The scavenger hunt event will be conducted via the GooseChase phone app this year, enabling people from all across Wyoming to participate from their own home, neighborhood and town.

Q: How did this event come about?

A: We asked and you responded! Donor Alliance conducted national research, polled our local Advocate for Life volunteers and the general Wyoming public and a scavenger hunt was the event of choice. This is the first event of its kind in the national Donate Life community and Donor Alliance is proud to start this adventure in Casper, Wyoming.

Q: When does online registration close?


A: Final online registration, for individuals and teams, closes on Thursday, August 13, at 12PM.

Q: Can I register day of?

A: Unfortunately, no. Registration is online only and will close at noon on the Thursday before the scavenger hunt missions go live in the GooseChase phone app.

Q: What is the schedule of events?

    • August 14 – 16, 2020
      • Friday @ 12pm – Scavenger Hunt launch, Moment of Silence Live
      • Saturday @ 11am – Stories of Hope Live
      • Sunday @ 1pm – Ceremonial Bubble Release Live

Q: What does my event packet include?

A: Participants who register online will receive a fandana and a t-shirt as selected; but quantities are limited, so we encourage you to register early! All participants will receive a packet with various other items; including bubbles for the Bubble Release Ceremony and other Donate Life materials and fun items.

Q: How long is the Scavenger Hunt?

A: The Scavenger Hunt will take place over the course of a weekend from Friday to Sunday.

Q: Where does the Scavenger Hunt take place?

A: The scavenger hunt will be conducted via the GooseChase phone app this year, enabling people from anywhere to participate from their own home, neighborhood and town.

Q: How do we get the GooseChase app and find the event?

A: The GooseChase app can be downloaded to your phone or mobile device by accessing your Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and searching for the name GooseChase. Once downloaded, please create a profile using the same email and name that you used to register for the Scavenger Hunt. This will help us determine winners easily. Then search for the scavenger hunt by name “Donate Life Wyoming Scavenger Hunt”. Select to join the event. The event will require a password. You will receive the password in an email confirmation after you register for the event.

Q: Does everyone need to register and download the GooseChase app?

Donor Alliance Colorado Denver Wyoming donor heart

A: Every participant who will be actively participating and completing the missions of the scavenger hunt should register for the event and download the GooseChase app. However, if you are participating in the event with young family members (toddlers and elementary aged children), who will accompany you, but will not complete missions on their own – they do not need to register or download the GooseChase app.

Q: What are we looking for during the Scavenger Hunt?

A: The event is a weekend of fun for the entire family with participants challenged to solve puzzles and gather clues called missions in the GooseChase app. Through these missions, you will learn the facts of donation and transplantation and be inspired by stories of hope from local residents. You’ll also learn about other local organizations who support our mission to save lives.

Q: Will a winner of the Scavenger Hunt be announced?

A: Yes, there will be multiple winners announced and prizes awarded after the event! From local donations to cool Donate Life gear, don’t miss your chance to win!

Q: Where is the Donate Life Forest?

A: The Donate Life Forest will be virtual this year. Visit this special place to honor, celebrate, and recognize those in your life who are connected to donation and transplantation.

Q: Can I request an Honorary Ornament with Donor Alliance?

A: Yes, we will still be offering honorary ornaments for those connected to donation and transplantation. Please make note to bring them to next year’s event as we will mail them to you. The deadline to request an ornament and placement in the virtual Donate Life Forest is August 12, 2020 at 12pm.

Q: I heard something about an event playlist. Can you tell me more about it?

A: Absolutely! We have asked those connected to donation and transplantation to help us build a Spotify playlist that participants can listen to while participating in the scavenger hunt. The songs on the playlist might remind someone of a donor, a donor’s family or loved ones, or could be a song that kept a transplant recipient motivated throughout their transplant journey. Be sure to follow the DLWY 2020 on Spotify and enjoy it during the scavenger hunt weekend.

Q: What if I cannot participate in the scavenger hunt event, but still want to show my support for organ, eye and tissue donation? What can I do?

A: There are 3 easy options for you to still show your support for donation and transplantation, even if you cannot participate in the event this year:

    1. Sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor at!
    2. Tell your friends and family about the Donate Life Wyoming Scavenger Hunt! Share on social media and encourage others to participate.
    3. Turn your passion into Advocacy by becoming an Advocate for Life volunteer! Check it out here.

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