Celebrate the Holiday Season with Donate Life!

The holiday season is upon us and we are more eager than ever to participate in all of the festive events throughout this next month. This is also the time of year where we take extra time to honor, recognize and celebrate the lives of the donors who have gone before us, the recipients who […]

What You Should Know About Liver Transplants

Did you know that nearly 500 people in our area are waiting for a liver transplant? About 30 million people – or one in 10 people in the United States – have some form of liver disease. For these reasons, liver health and awareness is at the forefront this month. Learn More During National Liver […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Donated Tissue Can Help with Breast Reconstruction

Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Many know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time to shine a light on the disease and increase overall awareness. What many don’t know is that donated tissue and breast tissue donation often play an important role in breast reconstruction. According to the Office of Disease […]

September is National DMV Appreciation Month

septiembre 9, 2021 // Events/Observances

National DMV Appreciation Month occurs in September each year and is a time for the Donate Life Community to say thank you and show its appreciation of DMV partners across the country through national and local events and outreach. This is a time where we say “thank-you” to the DMV and Driver Services staff in […]

Grupos multiculturales y la donación: ¿Importa la raza en los trasplantes de órganos?

La necesidad de trasplantes de órganos que salvan vidas afecta a todas las comunidades independientemente de su origen étnico, edad y sexo. Sin embargo, cuando se habla sobre la raza y trasplantes, existe una necesidad mayor de trasplantes de órganos en las comunidades de color y una necesidad prevalente en nuestra región—y a nivel nacional— […]

Thousands Celebrate the Gift of Life: 22nd Annual Donor Dash Event

Nearly 3,000 people from all across the country came together to honor the lives of organ and tissue donors, celebrate the lives of organ and tissue recipients and recognize those who continue to wait for a lifesaving transplant for the 22nd Annual Donor Dash event. While the 5K Run for Life portion of the event […]

Why You Should Celebrate Transplant and Donor Caregiver Support & Others This Month

Teachers. Nurses. Mothers. Transplant and Donor Caregivers. We are celebrating these amazing caregivers and transplant and donor caregiver support over the next week and wanted to take a moment to honor them. So…what words come to mind when you think of these people in your life? If you do a quick search on the internet […]

Semana Nacional de Trasplantes Pediátricos: Trabajando para poner fin a la lista de espera de trasplantes pediátricos

Cada año, durante el Mes Nacional Done Vida, celebramos también la Semana Nacional de Trasplantes Pediátricos, que busca difundir el mensaje de poner fin a la lista de espera de trasplantes pediátricos y reconocer a aquellos niños y jóvenes—y a las familias—que han sido tocados por la donación y los trasplantes. Este año, la semana […]

National Pediatric Transplant Week: Ending the Pediatric Transplant Waiting List

abril 18, 2021 // Events/Observances

Every year during National Donate Life Month we celebrate National Pediatric Transplant Week, a time to spread the message of ending the pediatric transplant waiting list and recognize those that have been touched by pediatric organ, eye and tissue donation. Throughout the week, clinical partners are encouraged to share patient stories, transplant recipients can share […]

#MuestraTuCorazon en el Mes Nacional de Done Vida 2021

Estamos orgullosos de que Colorado y Wyoming sean dos de los estados que más apoyan en el país cuando se trata de registrarse como donantes de órganos, ojos y tejidos. Sin embargo, todavía hay casi 2,000 personas en nuestra área, incluyendo casi 500 hispanos, esperando un trasplante que salve su vida. Es por eso que […]

#ShowYourHeart for National Donate Life Month 2021

We are proud that Colorado and Wyoming are two of the most supportive states in the country when it comes to signing up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. Yet there are still nearly 2,000 people in our area waiting for a lifesaving transplant. That’s why we are asking all Coloradoans and Wyomingites […]

Ryan Harris, Super Bowl 50 Champion, Shares the Profound Impact Organ Donation has Had on His Family

Ryan Harris, Super Bowl 50 Champion, shared how organ donation has impacted his family and encouraged the community to consider signing up to be organ donors after death. My Father’s Life was Saved by Organ Donation My father has been a lifelong inspiration, supporting my dreams of being a professional athlete and Super Bowl champion […]