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How Kidney Donation Gave this Father and Son More Time Together – Father’s Day 2023

When a kidney donation is the only option.

How did Kevin and his son, Ryan, gain more time together through kidney donation?

Kevin Harris faced kidney disease for years. However, two individuals’ considered kidney donation and everything. They allowed Kevin and his son, Ryan, a Super Bowl 50 champion and former Denver Bronco, to create cherished memories. Thanks to altruistic organ donors, Kevin was given two more chances at life, 20 more birthdays, and countless memories.

“Registering as a donor after death is a simple gift to give all fathers out there this Father’s Day. To all the fathers on the waitlist, all the fathers with family members on the waitlist, and the fathers who may potentially need transplants in the future, you are giving the greatest gift of their life.”

Making a broader impact.

Organ donation not only saves lives but also has a ripple effect. Loved ones, friends, and acquaintances cherish the time they have with the recipient. In Kevin’s case, his kidney donations allowed him to resume his life. He could witness his son’s wedding, Super Bowl win, and the joy of becoming a grandparent.Ryan Harris and his Father, Kevin, who received a kidney donation from 2 people.

In conclusion, Father’s Day serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of organ donation and the profound impact it can have on the lives of fathers and their families. By registering as organ donors, we can give the ultimate gift to fathers in need, providing them with hope, extended time with loved ones, and the opportunity to create cherished memories. Organ donation not only saves lives but also allows fathers to witness milestones, celebrations, and the joys of parenthood. This Father’s Day, let us honor fathers by educating ourselves about donation after death, engaging in meaningful conversations with our families, and taking the crucial step of registering as organ donors. Together, we can make a lasting difference and contribute to the precious gift of life for fathers and countless others in need.

If you haven’t already, register as an organ donor and contribute to saving lives.


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