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Last Christmas: A Review Through a Donate Life Lens

There is a swell of emotion around the holiday season. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of it all and forget to take a moment to be grateful. We found a precious moment of gratitude hidden in the new movie, Last Christmas. Warning for you here, if you haven’t seen the movie, this may contain spoilers! Please feel free to go watch the movie and then come back to hear our take on its message.last_christmas_movie_review_through_donate_life_lens

About the Movie:

Here goes: This holiday drama begins with a negative and shall we say ‘bad’ girl. She engages in questionable behaviors and is generally sad. She is disconnected from her family and since a recent heart transplant, she doesn’t quite feel like herself.

Through many meaningful moments with a young man, the main character becomes more positive and embraces the good within herself. Her eyes are opened to her blessings. She begins to embrace her second chance at life made possible through the amazing gift of life she received from her heart donor.

Local Reaction:

Recently, we visited with our Advocate for Life and Donor Spouse, Laurie, and asked her what she thought about Last Christmas.

“Of course, I thought about my situation and my husband’s donations. I wrote letters to my husband’s recipients, telling them about Sam, so they could get to know who he was. Knowing your donor, I thought, could help them honor the gift they received,” Laurie said “I think Last Christmas tries through Hollywood’s sensational ways to explain that connection between a donor and a recipient. I think the ending was sweet and, yes, very emotional for me, but I feel like it’s a movie worth seeing as a donor family member.”

It’s important to know the facts of organ, eye and tissue donation and it means a lot to those closely connected to the experience; like donor families, transplant recipients, living donors and wait list candidates. The facts can guide you as you watch TV shows or movies where story lines around donation and transplantation may have been sensationalized.

Our Thoughts:

We applaud the writers and directors of Last Christmas for trying to shine a light on the special bond and gratitude felt between a donor, donor family and transplant recipient. The gratitude is immeasurable and our recipients often say they cannot put it into words, so instead they put it into action every day to honor their donors and their donor’s family.


As you celebrate this Holiday Season, here are a few ways you can share and honor the gift of life.

  • Share #giftoflife stories within your communities.
  • Go see Last Christmas and use the movie as momentum to #StartTheConversation with your family and friends about donation and transplantation.
  • And, of course, let us know what you think!
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Celebrate, like Last Christmas, the gift of life made possible through organ, eye and tissue donation this Holiday season.