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Staff Spotlight: Matt Gilchrist

We’re so proud to work with each and every one of our staff members here at Donor Alliance. In our Staff Spotlight, we like to take a minute to share who we are and why we work at Donor Alliance. In this month’s staff spotlight, meet Matt Gilchrist. Matt is a Clinical Onsite Specialist at Donor Alliance and has been part of the team for 1.5 years.

Meet Matt in our December 2022 Staff Spotlight

Tell us a little about your role with Donor Alliance.

A brief summarization of my role is to respond onsite to new Organ referrals at the hospitals in the Denver Metro area. Provide suggestions or donation insight to Medical/Nursing teams at said hospitals. Referral candidacy and viability work-up on potential Donors in regard to DCD vs BD donation (resource for hospital partners: How to declare/Derangement identification, etc). Develop Plan of Action with hospital team regarding Approaches, and how we collaboratively move forward pending decisions into the Case Start phase.

What do you enjoy most about/what’s the most rewarding aspect of your role?

Building relationships with Frontline Staff at our hospital partners and fostering a sense of teamwork between Donor Alliance and said hospital – helping to increase our number of Donors and increase knowledge about donation.

Tell us about a time at work that really moved you. What’s the most meaningful interaction you’ve had at a Donor Alliance event? Most moving experience you’ve been a part of? (answer if able)

    • Really our “Connect to Mission” moments, help to pull things full circle.
    • I would give a generalization vs specifics – But being On-Site at a hospital and helping to plan our next steps with the hospital staff and seeing everything collaboratively “Come Together” in regard to potential Donors. I really feel Donation can be a niche sub-sect of Critical Care and helping to explain things and clear up misconceptions on face-to-face basis really clears the way forward for not only a single case, but all others to follow.

If you change anything about your life, what would you change?

I would be more of a “Free-Spirit” and take chances without the need to plan everything and have structure.

When you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun?

    • Road-trips
    • Weekend Flights
    • Reading on a mountain side
    • Exploring the thrill-seeking outdoor activities

Check out our career openings here if you would like to be a part of this amazing organization!

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