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Heart Recipient Father & Living Donor

Cheyenne, WY


In 1986, my son, Keith, received a heart transplant at 18 months old at John Hopkins in Baltimore, beginning Doug’s own story of hope. The transplant extended his life until he was 6 ½ years old, when he passed away.

In the decades to follow, I was so touched by the gift of life that my son received that I often thought of the generosity and selflessness of my son’s donor family. I wondered how I could return the favor.

Because I did not know the family who saved my son’s life, I chose to be a living donor and altruistically give the gift of life to someone else. In September of 2016, I did a non-directed kidney donation. I have not met the recipient, but I do know they were also from Cheyenne, WY.

About his living donation, Doug says, “I think that my son would even say that he was proud of me.” 

Download Doug’s Story of Hope here.