Stories of Hope: Laurie – Casper, WY

Stories of Hope: Laurie – Casper, WY

Stories of Hope: Laurie – Casper, WY


Donor Wife

Casper, WY

On Easter Sunday in 2018, my husband, Sam Weaver, passed away suddenly from a massive post-surgery stroke.

My husband Sam was a teacher at Natrona County High School. He taught Environmental Science and Biology. He was so passionate about his work and the students he taught. He planned to retire last May. He was an avid volunteer in many organizations, serving 50 plus years on the National Ski Patrol, President of the Casper Mountain Fire Department Board, starting the Casper Mountain Pine Beetle Association, and developed the first Firewise defensible space and fuel mitigation program in Wyoming.

At the time of his death, Sam was spearheading the Casper Mountain Ski History Project. His love for Casper Mountain is demonstrated by all his accomplishments and by a special plaque in the lodge at the Hogadon Ski Area.

Sam and I had discussed our wishes to be organ donors and he had just renewed his driver license one month prior and had checked ‘Yes’ to organ, eye and tissue donation.

I felt so proud to know Sam had given such an amazing gift and although we grieved for our terrible loss, we knew another family was receiving word that their loved one would survive. Knowing this brought us so much peace and comfort that day. These families were experiencing such joy on Easter and learning their family member would be able to live on because of Sam was an incredible feeling. I think of the recipients all the time and hope that they are healthy and doing well.

Download Laurie’s Story of Hope here.


Stories of Hope: Laurie – Casper, WY