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Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum

Welcome to Donor Alliance’s Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum! We know many teachers and students love our hands-on stations based program so we have decided to create a digital curriculum to make this more accessible. As a part of our digital curriculum, you will still have an opportunity to see some of the materials used in the stations.

Teachers: Please read through the curriculum document so you have an idea of how to teach the information to your students and support them through the station activities. If you would like your students to submit their answers to the workbook activities via Google form, please request access by emailing: transplantationscience@donoralliance.org

Transplantation Science Digital Curriculum

Students: First, download the workbook for your school level (Middle School or High School). Please view the videos that go with each station and complete the station activities immediately after the video. You may write down your answers in a notebook or complete the Google form if your teacher has shared it with you.

Middle School Workbook (Bri or Ryea: please move the uploaded document here)

High School Workbook (Bri or Ryea: please move the uploaded document here)

Sheltered Instruction Workbook for English Language Learners (Bri or Ryea: please move the uploaded document here)

Station 1: Organs –

Station 2: Organ Allocation –

Station 3: The Eye –

Station 4: Tissues, Bone & Skin – Video coming soon

Tanner’s Story & the Facts About Donation –