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Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk

Transplantation Science is a free program for students in grades 7-12 meant to enhance any anatomy, biology or health program and introduce students to the science behind organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. The Transplantation Science program now has a new option: The Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk!


Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk

If you teach less than 35 students and are in a small school more than 100 miles from Casper, Grand Junction, Colorado Springs or Denver, please consider requesting the new Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk for your students. Donor Alliance will ship the trunk of materials to and from your school FREE of charge. You set up four stations and run the class with pre-written lesson plans. An Educator is available to schedule a video conference with your students to check for understanding, go over the answers to the activities and answer any questions that come up during the class. Request online now!

For questions, please contact the public education coordinator at Donor Alliance at 303-370-2757 or transplantationscience@ donoralliance.org.