Transplantation Science Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and their answers to better assist you in understanding the Transplantation Science program and how the program enriches current curriculums.

What is Transplantation Science?

The Transplantation Science program is a FREE program for students in grades 6-12. The program introduces students to the world of organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation. The curriculum was created by experts in the field of donation and transplantation. It promises to deliver a top-notch, hands-on educational experience for teachers and student.

How much does Transplantation Science cost?

This is the most common of the frequently asked questions! There is no cost to participating schools or students in Donor Alliance’s two-state region. In Colorado, Transplantation Science is funded by voluntary contributions made through the Emily Keyes – John W. Buckner Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness Fund at Colorado Driver License offices. In Wyoming, Transplantation Science is funded by Donor Alliance.

What grade levels can participate in Transplantation Science?

The curriculum is designed for students in grades 6-12. Our goal is to reach students as they are starting to think about getting their driver permits and licenses. High school or middle school workbooks are provided based on the school level. We also have Sheltered Instruction workbooks available for English Language Learners.

Is my school eligible for the program?

Schools in Donor Alliance’s service area are eligible to participate in Transplantation Science. Our service area includes all of Colorado and all of Wyoming; except Sweetwater, Uinta and Lincoln counties. Donor Connect is the OPO for these counties. Schools in these southwestern counties of Wyoming are still eligible to request a class. We collaborate with Donor Connect to provide educational opportunities to these counties as they also have a free educational program.

Please note it may take longer to schedule classes for rural areas. We do our best to reach rural schools; however, it depends on resources and budget. It is helpful for you to connect with another teacher in your area, so we can maximize our educator’s time.

Is your school more than 100 miles away from Casper, Colorado Springs or Denver? Do you teach less than 50 students? Checkout our Transplantation Science Traveling Trunk program!

How long will the Transplantation Science program take?

The Transplantation Science curriculum is designed to fit into your school’s existing schedule. We customize the program to fit between 50 and 90 minutes, although longer classes will allow for more in-depth discussion. For shorter class times (45-60 minutes), we ask that teachers please do their best to move quickly through attendance and announcements.

What do I need to do to prepare for Transplantation Science?

Transplantation Science works best in a science or health class. It is helpful for the students to have had an introduction to body systems/anatomy, though it is not required. The Teacher Packet, emailed upon class confirmation, includes a list of resources which you should use to introduce or continue the topic of organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation at your discretion. There are additional resources on our Educational Resources page. Many teachers use our program as an introduction or conclusion to a unit about body systems.

How many students can participate at one time?

Except for rural or small schools, we encourage no more than 35 students participate in Transplantation Science at one time. The program is designed to be hands on and interactive. The class is divided into four groups and it’s difficult to accommodate groups of eight or greater.

Please do not combine classes for the program unless you have spoken with the Public Education Coordinator about it. We can accommodate additional classes by sending more than one educator or scheduling more than one day of visits.

What else do I need to know before class?

The Transplantation Science educator needs your help around the classroom. Please be prepared to assist them with instruction, classroom management and guiding students through their workbooks.

It is an expectation of our program that the classroom teacher will remain with the class for the entire presentation. Some of our educators are not licensed teachers and it is a CDE / WDE requirement that a licensed teacher be in the classroom with students at all times.

We hope these frequently asked questions and their answers helped you! Are you ready to book a class? Click here to Request to participate in Transplantation Science.

Download an outline of the Transplantation Science curriculum with Colorado and Wyoming state standards.