Larry - Donor Father


Donor Stories: Larry

Years ago, Larry accompanied his son Tyler to renew his operator’s license. As Tyler filled out his paperwork, he asked Larry if he was a registered donor. Larry was, and they chatted briefly about their wishes.

In May of 2010, Larry and his wife Debbie tragically lost Tyler, their only son. Tyler was a registered donor, and because he had designated his decision and spoken with Larry about it years before, Larry and Debbie knew exactly what Tyler wanted.

Within a few days of Tyler’s death, Larry and Debbie received their first of many letters from Donor Alliance.

“Those white envelopes became more than just information but much-needed morale boosters for us. We always opened them together. The letters gave us a small glimpse of what Tyler’s gifts had provided to others.”

A few months later, the couple sent letters to the recipients through Donor Alliance, telling them what Tyler was like. Soon they received a letter from the man who had received Tyler’s heart, Bill. They knew from that first letter they would someday meet.

On January 6, 2011 they met Bill for the first time. Just a week later Larry, Debbie and Bill took a cross-country trip back East to meet each other’s families. They continue to keep in touch to this day, on occasion, even volunteering together for Donor Alliance.

“I have thought back to that day Tyler renewed his license many times since we lost him. I’ve thought about how a minute-long conversation mattered so much to us and how it would be helpful to so many people. Tyler’s gifts will continue to give a better life to so many people; knowing this has done so much for our family.”

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