Wyoming Donor Family Tribute

Donor Family Quilt Project

We invite you to submit a quilt square for the Rocky Mountain Threads of Life Donor Family Quilt Project in honor of your loved one’s gift of life. You may bring your quilt square to the Donor Family Tribute to display alongside the completed quilts, or you can submit your quilt square by mail.

Your fabric quilt square should be 8″ square – a 7″ design with 1/2″ margins. (Click here for template and release form.) Your square can be made by sewing decorative stitches, appliqué, computer art, silkscreen, paint, drawing or any other method you devise. You may wish to include a poem, quotation or other symbol of your loved one’s life.

If you have already submitted a quilt square, you can view it in our completed quilts or in our recently submitted quilt squares.

Please note: Each quilt square submitted to Donor Alliance will be sewn into a quilt which will be displayed at various public events, the Donor Alliance website and may be included in media coverage. You must return this signed card with your completed quilt square indicating your authorization for Donor Alliance to publicly display your quilt square.