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Community Impact Report from Jennifer Prinz, Donor Alliance CEO – Saving More Lives Than Ever Before in 2021!

Community Impact ReportThank you for your partnership in saving lives and providing hope in 2021! Hope is a word we often hear at Donor Alliance. The ripple effect of hope is intangible and hard to represent on a fact sheet. As we share the impacts made by the efforts of our dedicated staff and our […]

National DMV Appreciation Month: Celebrating Partners Making a Difference

September was National DMV Appreciation Month. Earlier this year, many driver license offices across the country were closed for COVID-19 safety reasons. To allow more time to recognize and support our DMV partners, Donate life America extended National DMV Appreciation Week to the entire month of September. We spent the month celebrating our Department of […]

El Proceso de Transporte de Órganos y Tejidos

En vista de las noticias recientes y la atención en torno a un vuelo de Southwest Airlines con destino a Dallas que dio la vuelta para devolver un corazón humano a Seattle, queríamos compartir información sobre el proceso de preservación y transporte de órganos y tejidos. Aunque Donor Alliance no puede hablar sobre ese evento […]