How Transplantation Works

¿Por qué no se puede vender órganos en Estados Unidos?

Una pregunta que nos hacen ocasionalmente es si una persona puede vender sus órganos o recibir algún tipo de incentivo financiero por donarlos. En corto, la respuesta es NO. Te invitamos a seguir leyendo para aprender más sobre las bases legales de la donación de órganos y tejidos y por qué estos son considerados un […]

Venta de Órganos: es Legal en Estados Unidos?

Una pregunta que nos hacen ocasionalmente es si una persona puede vender sus órganos o recibir alguna forma de incentivo financiero por donarlos. En resumen, la venta de órganos y tejidos es ilegal y la respuesta es NO. Vender Órganos en Estados Unidos es un Acto Ilegal De hecho, es ilegal vender órganos y tejidos […]

Back to Kidney Basics: From Disease to Donation and Transplant

For the most part, everyone is born with two healthy functioning kidneys. Most people don’t think about their kidneys on a daily basis, but for those with kidney disease or kidney transplant recipients, those two small bean-shaped organs are very important. The National Kidney Foundation or NKF is joining us during National Kidney Month to […]

The Heart Truth about Heart Donation and Transplant

When we think of February, we often picture a heart. This heart symbolizes many things; from love, to Valentine’s Day, to American Heart Month. But for others, a heart holds a much deeper meaning. For those few individuals who have received a heart transplant, it symbolizes the difference between life and death and every thumping […]

Prevenir el Rechazo de Órganos y Tejidos

octubre 5, 2020 // How Transplantation Works

Uno de los últimos problemas que un paciente o su familia quieren preocuparse después de recibir un trasplante de órganos o tejidos es si el trasplante será rechazado. Sin embargo, es importante reconocer que el rechazo no es lo mismo que perder el órgano o tejido trasplantado, y las tasas de supervivencia de los órganos […]

#InTheNews: Uterine Transplants

One of the biggest stories in organ donation and transplantation so far this year has been the story of Jennifer Gobrecht, the second woman in the U.S. to have a uterus transplant from a deceased donor. You may have seen her story featured in any number of major news outlets across the country, including the […]

Transplantation Science: New Resources This School Year

School is in full swing in Colorado and Wyoming and our Transplantation Science Program has some new resources for teachers this school year! At Donor Alliance, we know that teachers have been working hard for weeks: setting up classrooms, planning curriculum and looking for new and innovative ways to teach students about their content. For […]

Donation 101: Organ Donation Terms We Don’t Use and Why

How certain words are used can have a significant impact, especially when it comes to organ, eye and tissue donation. This list provides guidelines around which organ donation terms to avoid and the most appropriate terminology to use instead.

Frequently Asked Student Questions

Through Transplantation Science, an award-winning, free program for 7th through 12th graders, many thousands of students throughout Colorado and Wyoming are able to get new perspective on organ, eye and tissue donation. The 50-90 minute workshops at schools throughout the region, aim to give students a better understanding of what it means to be a […]

Can transplanted organs be donated again?

What if healthy organs could save more than one life? For some on the waiting list for kidney and liver transplants, that dream could become a reality with some transplanted organs now able to be donated again

El Proceso de Transporte de Órganos y Tejidos

En vista de las noticias recientes y la atención en torno a un vuelo de Southwest Airlines con destino a Dallas que dio la vuelta para devolver un corazón humano a Seattle, queríamos compartir información sobre el proceso de preservación y transporte de órganos y tejidos. Aunque Donor Alliance no puede hablar sobre ese evento […]

5 Tough Questions We Get Asked

Through the lifesaving work that Donor Alliance does, our team sees a lot of tragedy and hears a lot of heartbreaking stories. But, we also get to witness the incredible hope and healing that donation and transplantation provides. That hope and healing is what drives our team members and volunteers to continue our mission to […]