Triple Transplant Recipient Hopes to Inspire at 2018 Donor Dash – YourHub – Denver, CO

July 6, 2018

I am here today because my donor said yes. Just over ten years ago, I was in the hospital and only given a couple of weeks left to live. I have a rare protein folding disorder that is a form of familial Amyloidosis, which results in my body forming abnormally shaped proteins. The proteins can’t be metabolized so they clump together and get stored in various organs throughout the body. I had deposits in my kidney and liver, causing both to shut down, as well as in my heart, which compromised my blood flow. Thanks to my donor, after waiting on the transplant list for more than four months while I was in the hospital, I became just the 8th person in the country to receive a heart, liver and kidney in a triple transplant.

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