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License Plates

There are lots of ways you can get involved and support Donor Alliance, including volunteering, attending events, and contributing, but don’t forget about our Donate Life license plates, available in Colorado and Wyoming. When you apply for or renew your license plates, owners with eligible vehicles can choose a specialty Donate Life license plate to spread awareness about organ, eye, and tissue donation. We’re proud to partner with the State of Colorado and the State of Wyoming to offer these plates in partnership with Donate Life, and we encourage you to get one for your vehicle!


Donate Life plates are available to anyone for passenger cars, trucks that do not exceed 16,000 pounds empty weight, noncommercial (not available for any vehicle registered Tax Class A- International Registration Plan- IRP), recreation vehicles, motorhomes and motorcycles.
Thousands of plates are in circulation. Get yours at your local DMV!

  • The plate can be purchased for a one-time, $50 fee at any time of year and does not need to coincide with plate registration renewal.
  • Funds generated from plate sales will go back to the State of Colorado.
  • Of the fee, $25 will be contributed to the Highway Users Tax Fund and $25 will go towards the Licensing Services Cash Fund.

Click Here for Denver locations. Note that in Denver County there are office closures through August 2024 Check before you go!

Visit the  Colorado DMV County Motor Vehicle Offices for all other county locations and times in Colorado to get your Donate Life license plate today! Click below.


If you are interested in supporting the mission of inspiring and educating Wyomingites about the importance of registering as an organ, eye and tissue donor, apply for a Donate Life Wyoming specialty license plate! The distinctive license plates can be issued for any motor vehicle that is not a commercial vehicle or multi-purpose vehicle owned or leased by that person upon registration of the vehicle.

Keep General Provisions the same:

  1. A completed application shall be mailed to the Wyoming Department of Transportation along with a fee of $30 made payable to WYDOT.
  2. Plates will be issued numerically in consecutive order and forwarded to the County Treasurer's Office of the county of your choice.
  3. Current plates must be surrendered to the Treasurer's office upon issuance of the Donate Life Plates.
  4. Now, you are ready to show your support for those touched by organ, eye, and tissue donation!