The Donor Alliance Foundation will provide funding in education about donation and transplantation as a pathway for resources and access to services through nonprofit community health-serving organizations, federally qualified health centers, governmental agencies and other nonprofit service providers.

It will provide scholarships for students studying in the area of donation and transplantation (i.e., nursing students, medical students, mortuary science students, masters-level social-work students).

The Foundation anticipates making one-year grants up to $15,000 in the Education program area. It will make one-year grants; funds must be expended between Sept. 1, 2018 and Aug. 31, 2019. Because funds are limited, it is anticipated that not all applicants will receive funding.

  • Applications must demonstrate how they meet the overall criteria and plan to demonstrate programs and interventions that reach in-need populations being served through community health centers and federally qualified health centers etc.
  • Applications must be able to measure and effectively report progress and plans post-funding.
  • Scholarship applicants must provide appropriate documentation of coursework at institution and future plans in the field of donation and transplantation. Funding will be awarded to institution on student’s behalf.

Do you have questions? Download the full RFP HERE for specific criteria and qualifications or view our Education Fact Sheet.

The window to apply for a grant has closed. We will let you know when there is another opportunity to apply for funding.