The Donor Alliance Foundation

Family Assistance

The Donor Alliance Foundation will provide funding for grief assistance and compassion support for donor families through nonprofit community health serving organizations; other nonprofit organizations doing work with donation and transplantation.

It will meet the needs of people or families requiring assistance, who are waiting for a transplant through food vouchers, housing and medication assistance, etc. and the needs of people or families requiring assistance post-transplant.

It will aim to meet the needs of living donors and potential living donors through food vouchers, housing assistance, etc. and provide funding to social workers to support people or families requiring assistance with housing, medication, food, etc.

The Foundation anticipates making grants ranging in size from $5,000 up to $15,000 in the Family Assistance program area. The Donor Alliance Foundation makes one-year grants; funds must be expended during the calendar year for which they are awarded.  Because funds are limited, it is anticipated that not all applicants will receive funding.

Family Assistance applications must explain how they will meet the overall criteria by demonstrating a plan to:

  • Demonstrate how direct services and financial support meets the needs of populations who may not be aware of their options
  • Show a direct and immediate impact to those served by providing resources like food vouchers, housing assistance funding and medication assistance, etc.
  • Show how to meet the needs of patients pre- and post-transplant who have a financial need with limited or no access to funds
  • Provide grief assistance and compassion support in Colorado and Wyoming
  • Increase living donation in Colorado and Wyoming
  • Measure and effectively report progress and plans post-funding

Do you have questions? Download the 2024-2025 RFP HERE for specific criteria and qualifications.