Community Programs

Donate Life Community

Support Organ and Tissue Donation Within Your Community

We all have communities that mean something special to us. Whether it’s our local church, a membership organization, alumni groups or the actual neighborhoods and towns where we live, these communities bind us together in shared experiences. Now, through the Donate Life Community program, you can support the gift of organ and tissue donation within your community by pledging support to the cause as a community.

As a proud Donate Life Community, you and your people will receive a comprehensive toolkit that empowers your community to learn about and “say yes” to organ and tissue donation. Our team will provide you with regular communication, including tips, tricks and reminders on amplifying the importance and impact of organ, eye, and tissue donation locally.

How the Donate Life Community program works


Become a Donate Life Community Program by contacting our team to register.


Once you’ve made the important decision to designate your community a “Donate Life Community”, Donor Alliance will work with you on announcing the designation, internally and externally within your community, as well as with local news organizations.


We will provide you with regular content calendars for use on social media, your internal channels, and other modes of communication to promote the gift of organ and tissue donation.


We will celebrate your involvement in the program in our own communication tools, letting the world know about your participation in helping promote organ and tissue donation.