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Catholicism and Organ Donation

Organ donation and transplantation saves and heals thousands of lives every year and is a generous act supported by all major religions in the United States, including permission for Catholics.

Can Catholics Donate Organs and Tissues?

Yes, organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation is permissible within the Catholic faith. Moreover, the Vatican supports organ donation for all Catholics and considers it a selfless act of compassion.

The Catholic Stance on Donation and Transplantation

Catholics view organ, eye and tissue donation as an act of charity and love. Transplants are morally and ethically acceptable to the Vatican.

According to Father Leroy Wickowski, Director of the Office of Health Affairs of the Archdiocese of Chicago, “We encourage donation as an act of charity. It is something good that can result from tragedy and a way for families to find comfort by helping others.”

Pope John Paul II stated, “The Catholic church would promote the fact that there is need for organ donors and that Christians should accept this as a ‘challenge to their generosity and fraternal love’ so long as ethical principles are followed.Read the full Evangelium Vitae here.

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Respecting and Caring for the Deceased

Traditional funeral and burial services are important to all faith communities and Catholicism is no different. Deceased donors are always treated with the utmost respect and dignity throughout the entire donation process. If your loved one’s organs and tissues are eligible to be donated, a team of specialist surgeons show respect during the recovery process by caring for the donor in a way that still allows a traditional open casket funeral.

Why Catholics Should Consider Organ Donation?

There are nearly 150 Wyomingites waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant, with almost 2,000 in our region, many of whom identify as Catholics. Making the decision to discuss organ donation with your loved ones and signing up as an organ donor brings hope to those waiting and saves lives. Learn more about Faith and Donation and how you can share your lifesaving decision with your Faith community in celebration of National Donor Sabbath.

Organ donation is the greatest act of charity and love you can perform. Get the facts about donation and sign up as an organ donor today.