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Cayde – Lung Recipient – Cheyenne, WY

Cayde is a very active little girl. She’s bright, loving friendly and funny! Cayde wasn’t always so energetic though. She couldn’t be. Born 13 weeks early, she started life with the many struggles of a preemie, including pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vein stenosis. The diagnosis discouraged her from running and playing too hard as she grew older.
In order to thrive, little Cayde would need a double lung transplant and her donor would have to be a child.
“Cayde’s biggest dream for her life after transplant was to run and run, and for no one to tell her no she can’t.” says Cayde’s grandmother Patricia, “They are the heroes who said yes to her and I want to let them know how truly grateful we are… what their gift of life has done for all of us.”

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