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Colorado Debuts New Driver’s License Design

Earlier this month, Colorado debuted a new look for the state’s driver’s licenses. The new licenses feature a more colorful background honoring the high country – but most notably for organ, eye and tissue donors – the heart that designates a resident’s decision to register as a donor has also changed. The red heart with a “Y” in the center will now be grey. To enhance security and safety, the new card is made using laser engraving for the information and primary photograph, which requires information to be displayed in grayscale.

New CO licenseDonor designation will not change; it will just look a bit different on the new Colorado driver’s license. If you have a heart on your license it still means you have registered to join your state’s organ and tissue donor registry. Joining the donor registry means you have elected to save lives by donating your organs, eyes and tissues at the time of your death.

While the new design has already started being distributed, there is no need to renew valid driver’s licenses, instruction permits or identification cards with the old design until they expire.

For more information on the new design, visit Colorado.gov/dmv/newlook. To learn more about organ, eye and tissue donation and the reasons to say “yes” to donation, visit our “Why Donate” page, and to register to become a donor, visit Donate Life Colorado.