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Día del Nino: Celebrate the lives of children saved by organ, eye and tissue donation

Donor Alliance Colorado Denver Wyoming Dia del Nino LellaDía del Niño (Children’s day), a Mexican observance celebrated on April 30th, is dedicated to honoring and appreciating children. At Donor Alliance, we are celebrating the lives of the more than 47 thousand children in the U.S. who have received a second chance at life through organ, eye and tissue donation. In our community alone, the lives of 50 children were saved or healed in 2015 thanks to the generosity of the donors who said yes to organ, eye and tissue donation.

Lella, from Delta, CO is one of the children whose life was saved thanks to a liver transplant she received in 2008. At two months old, baby Lella was diagnosed with Biliary Artresia, a rare condition that closes the tube that drains the bile from the liver into the intestine. Doctors told Lella’s parents that her case was particularly rare. After enduring a five-hour surgery – that did not fix the problem – and several additional complications, at just six months old, Lella was put on the transplant waiting list.

In August of 2008, her parents received the call that they had been waiting for. A liver was available for Lella. After undergoing a 10-hour transplant surgery, Lella was finally on the road to recovery. Initially, Lella was required to take 16 medications following her transplant. Now, seven years later, she is down to only taking one. Lella is now the picture of health; an exceptionally happy and active child. She plays t-ball, swims competitively and loves reading. Her mother Lyndall jokes that you wouldn’t even know that Lella had had a transplant unless you saw her in a swimsuit.

Today, we also remember the 17 children in our community and the more than 1,900 children around the country who are still waiting for a lifesaving transplant. Registering to become an organ, eye and tissue donor could help save the lives of children like Lella. Talk with your family about organ, eye and tissue donation, and register today at

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