March 14, 2019

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Does my religion support organ, eye and tissue donation?

March 14, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your religion says about donation and transplantation? No doubt, this is one of the questions that often comes up when discussing donation and transplantation. The good news is that all major religions support organ, eye and tissue donation, and see it as an act of compassion and love.

In fact, many religions have made statements addressing donation and transplantation. Some religions openly support organ, eye and tissue donation and encourage their followers to consider “paying it forward” by giving the gift of life. Other religions leave the decision to the individual.major_religions_support_organ_and_tissue_donation_faith

Here are two easy ways for you to learn more about your faith’s view on organ, eye and tissue donation:

  • Become familiar with your faith’s doctrine

Most people are not aware of their faith’s position regarding organ and tissue donation. Becoming familiar with your faith’s perspective on organ, eye and tissue donation after death will help clear up some of your questions and concerns. You can visit our Faith and Donation page to read statements made by different faith leaders addressing donation and transplantation. These resources include statements made by most religions practiced in the United States.

  • Discuss donation and transplantation with your leaders

Another way for you to learn how donation and transplantation is viewed by your faith is to talk to your leaders. By discussing organ, eye and tissue donation with your faith leaders and addressing specific questions, you’ll have a better understanding of your faith’s traditions, ceremonial requirements, and how these are or can be compatible with donation and transplantation. Being informed can provide additional assurance and peace of mind when making the decision to become a donor.

The need for transplantable organs and tissues affects people from all backgrounds regardless of age, race or religion. You have the ability to leave a legacy of love through organ, eye and tissue donation and save lives. You can sign-up anytime online at Donate Life Colorado or Donate Life Wyoming. Remember, once you’ve signed up, share your decision with your loved ones.

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