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Donor Alliance Motored to the 2016 Denver Auto Show!

Donor Alliance Colorado Denver Wyoming Donor Alliance 2016 auto showDonor Alliance had a great presence as an exhibitor at the Denver Auto Show – and this year Donor Alliance was surrounded by Camp Jeep to one side, and luxury marquees (with at least two one-million dollar cars on display) on the other. The new booth area helped to increase awareness of and dialogue around donation as we talked to upwards of 18,000 people from March 16th to the 20th! We had one of the most popular booths at the show with a line almost the whole time to talk to our dedicated Advocates for Life! Donor Alliance once again partnered with the DMV, who encouraged the public to renew their driver licenses and plates online (where people can say ‘yes’ to being an organ, eye and tissue donor).

The Denver Auto Show is one of the largest events in Colorado. This allows Donor Alliance Advocates and staff at the booth to answer the public’s questions about donation, share inspirational stories and relay the correct facts about donation and how it impacts our local community – currently, there are nearly 2,700 people in Colorado waiting for a lifesaving transplant and many more in need of lifesaving and healing tissue. And knowing that everybody likes give-aways, there was plenty of items to spin-and-win – t-shirts, foam ‘stress’ cars, litter bags and more.

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