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Natrona County DA and heart recipient Mike Blonigen. Photo courtesy of Casper Star Tribune

Natrona County, Wyoming District Attorney Michael Blonigen is ready to speak about the life-saving gift he received last fall. Suffering from multiple heart complications after undergoing bypass surgery, stints and even a pacemaker, Blonigen was told by his doctors that his heart was only working at 10% capacity and that he would need a life-saving heart transplant. In October, 2015 Mike was airlifted to the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora where he received the gift that saved his life. “Somewhere out there … is a young man’s family and they did a remarkable thing and I’m trying to repay that a little bit,” Blonigen told the Casper Star Tribune. “If you’ve been lucky enough as I have to be on the receiving end, I think you really owe it to those people to speak up and encourage organ donation.” Blonigen will be taking part in a special tree planting ceremony to honor his donor in Casper on April 29th. Click here to read the full interview from the Casper Star Tribune.

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