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Thank you Transplant Nurses & Donor Resource Teams!

Communities the world looked for new and unique ways to thank nurses throughout the last couple of years. These individuals are often the onlyThank_you_transplant_nurses compassionate faces we see in hospitals when we are in the most need. Many work 12-hour shifts and take on tasks that seem insurmountable to the rest of us. Others keep us healthy by assisting in preventive care in doctors’ offices. It’s also these local nurses and those who serve on Donor Resource teams including transplant nurses that receive training from our Hospital Development staff on how to best support families throughout the donation process. The organ and tissue donation processes would not happen if it weren’t for the hundreds of nurses we work with in 117 hospitals throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

The collaboration between our staff and the hospital nursing staff is essential in working towards our common mission to save lives. As one of our hospital donation consultants puts it:

“ICU nurses are smart, hardworking, and wonderful individuals. I appreciate the way they care for their patients and the families of the patients. Their ongoing compassion continues to inspire me as they have weathered the COVID pandemic.”

Thank you to all nurses and to the many nurses on our own Donor Alliance clinical staff who work to honor the gift of life every day!

Showing Support for Transplant Nurses & Donor Caregivers

We would also like to honor and support the caregivers of those who have received a lifesaving and healing transplant or those who care for living donors who give the gift of life. Caregivers are often the unsung heroes who give selflessly of their time, energy and love. Many times, they are the ones who are caring for those who are sick, undergoing treatment and through the long and stressful process of transplantation. Thank you for being strong in times of uncertainty and for advocating and caring for the gift of life during these most uncertain of times!

We have all been cared for by someone else throughout our lives and in many forms – from teachers sharing knowledge, to a nurse’s soft yet strong hands, to a mother’s unbridled love and to a caregiver’s supportive embrace. We encourage you to take a moment this month to share your appreciation for one of these caregivers in your life.

How You Can Give the Gift of Life Too

You can care for others too, in a unique and special way. Whether in Colorado or in Wyoming, by saying Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation, you are in fact caring for another. Making the decision to selflessly give the gift of life and possibly save and heal someone unknown to you, is considered by some to be the greatest gift of all – the gift of life. And after all, that is what caregivers do every day. They care for life.

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