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What are the Reasons I Should Become an Organ and Tissue Donor?

The need for our community to register as organ, eye and tissue donors is incredibly high. Nearly 1,500 people in Colorado and Wyoming on the waitlist for a lifesaving organ transplant.  Many people wonder, “why should I be an organ donor”? Well, we’re here to tell you the many reasons you should consider becoming a registered organ donor.Hand Holding a Paper Heart

One of the biggest challenges we face in organ donation in transplantation is having enough people register to become organ donors before they’re faced with a tragic situation. There are not enough donors to fill the need on the waitlist, and the waitlist can’t wait.

5 Reasons YOU Should Become an Organ and Tissue Donor:

  1. Organ and tissue donation is one of the easiest and most rewarding acts of service individuals can give. Organ transplant can significantly improve quality of life, or act as a life-saving intervention for those on the national waiting-list. Also, it can help families work through the grieving process. Knowing their loved one helped save and heal the lives of others supports many in dealing with their loss.
  2. One donor can save and heal over 75 lives. The altruistic behavior a registered donor provides when reflected on the lives of others is immeasurable. The impact goes far beyond saving lives. The generosity of a donor also impacts families and communities. One measurable aspect we do know is that one donor can save up to 8 lives through organ donation and save and heal over 75 lives through tissue donation.
  3. There are very few age, medical, or religious exclusions to organ and tissue donation. Many people think that they will be too old or sick to be a donor when they pass, but that is just not true. In 2022, the oldest tissue donor in our community was 105 years old. Transplant surgeons evaluate each potential donor, so don’t rule yourself out. Additionally, from nearly all religious and spiritual perspectives, organ, eye and tissue donation is considered an act of charity towards those in need.
  4. People can die waiting for an organ. There are over 100,000 people on the waitlist for a lifesaving organ transplant in the United States currently. Every day, 7 people on the waiting list will pass away. You have the potential to change others’ lives, solely by taking 30 seconds to check ‘Yes’ at the Driver License Office or registering online.
  5. Our community needs more individuals to register. While Colorado and Wyoming are in the top states for the number of individuals who have registered to be organ and tissue donors, there are a lot of people who still need to register. On average, between the two states, 63% of people are registered. This means 37% of people in our community who may be able to save lives may not have that potential because they have not registered. By choosing to register in our community, you have the power to save lives.

Ultimately, registering as an organ, eye and tissue donation allows individuals to have an infinite impact on others. Becoming a registered donor means your legacy will live on forever and will give hope to those who are waiting for a life-saving transplant.

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