Coloradans #ShowYourHeart in Honor of National Donate Life Month

March 30, 2021

In honor of National Donate Life Month this April, Donor Alliance is inviting Coloradans to #ShowYourHeart to help raise awareness for organ, eye and tissue donation by sharing with friends and family why they are signed up to be a donor. Participants can take part by visiting to upload a photo, customize it with a heart and share what inspired them to sign up as an organ, eye and tissue donor using #ShowYourHeart on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

show your heart upload a selfie-organ donation awareness monthColorado leads the country in the percentage of residents who sign up as organ and tissue donors, and we love hearing the inspirational stories behind what encouraged Coloradans to say yes to giving the gift of life,” said Jennifer Prinz, president and CEO of Donor Alliance. “To represent the nearly 2,000 people right here in our community waiting on a lifesaving transplant, we are hoping to accrue at least 2,000 submissions in support of the generous gift of organ and tissue donation. In addition to raising awareness for this important cause and encouraging more people to sign up to become organ, eye and tissue donors, sharing the stories of our friends, family and neighbors gives hope to those on the waitlist.”

Here are some of the stories Donor Alliance Advocates for Life volunteers are sharing with their communities this April:

  • Al Lucero, kidney recipient, Pueblo, Colo.: After Agent Orange exposure caused kidney damage that ultimately resulted in five years of grueling dialysis, Al received a kidney transplant in January 2020. He has been given his life back and is grateful for the lifesaving gift from his donor and his donor’s family. After seeing others he’d met pass away while waiting for a transplant, Al is sharing his story of gratitude to encourage more people to sign up to be donors.
  • Christy Schultz, mother of a donor, Parker, Colo.: Christy’s daughter Sammie was a loving and hilarious Ponderosa High School cheerleader that was always helping others. When Sammie tragically passed away in July 2020, Christy knew donating her organs was what Sammie would have wanted. Christy is sharing her story because of the peace Sammie’s gifts helped bring her family amidst unimaginable grief.
  • Eileen Maddox, grandmother of a heart recipient, Durango, Colo: Eileen’s grandson, Liam, received the lifesaving gift of a heart transplant in 2014 at just give months old. Now, at 7, Liam is living the life of a normal kid with a special gift. He’s very active, learning to ride a bike, ski and hike. Eileen is sharing Liam’s story as a heartfelt way to pay it forward and remind Coloradans to choose to live with others in mind.
  • Jodi Lanzi, heart recipient, Loveland, Colo.: Jodi received the gift of life with a heart transplant in August 2016. She knows she wouldn’t be here without her donor. She’s grateful to get to spend time with her family and to see her grandkids grow. Jodi is sharing her story so other recipients and those waiting on a lifesaving transplant know that they have the support of a community.
  • Juana Chavez, liver recipient, Denver: Juana celebrated her 15th transplant anniversary in 2020 after receiving the lifesaving gift of a liver transplant in September 2005. She is sharing her story in hopes that it will inspire others to say yes to giving the gift of life.
  • Tony Young, heart and kidney recipient, Parker, Colo: Tony’s life was saved when he received a heart and kidney transplant in March 2020. He’s once again found joy in being able to do the simple things that are easily taken for granted. He’s sharing his story because of the hope one family gave him by turning the pain of losing a loved one into an opportunity to save lives.

#ShowYourHeart by Sharing Your Support for Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation

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Help reach 2,000 photo submissions to represent those waiting for the gift of life throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

Donor Alliance is the federally designated non-profit that facilitates organ and tissue donation in Colorado and most of Wyoming. For more information about organ and tissue donation, please To sign up to become an organ, eye and tissue donor, please visit