Donor Alliance Achieves Highest State-Level Recognition from RMPEx

December 3, 2015

Donor Alliance, the federally designated not-for-profit organization that facilitates organ and tissue donation in Colorado and most of Wyoming, today announced that it has received the Peak Performance Award from Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence (RMPEx), a nonprofit helping organizations improve performance and achieve results.

Donor Alliance staff celebrates its RMPEx award.

RMPEx is a program dedicated to enabling organizations to evolve and succeed through the effective application of Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence. RMPEx is the regional chapter of the prestigious national Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, established by Congress and President Ronald Reagan in 1987.  It is the only presidential-level award for quality in the U.S.  Each year, RMPEx formally recognizes role-model applicants from the Rocky Mountain region for performance excellence achievements with four levels of awards.

This year, Donor Alliance was honored with the highest level of excellence, which is based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework  used to determine recipients of the Baldrige National Quality Award.  Previously, only five organizations had been recognized with a Peak Award since RMPEx began in 2001. Donor Alliance’s achievement of the RMPEx Peak Performance Award makes the organization eligible to apply for national recognition.

Peak Performance Awards are presented to those applicants that demonstrate role-model results, plus systematic and mature approaches, effective deployment, process learning, and process integration in their response to the criteria questions.

“We are thrilled to accept this award and plan to continue striving for operational and organizational success, which is crucial to the lifesaving work that we do,” said Sue Dunn, president and CEO of Donor Alliance. “We are mission-driven, and our employees and relationships with partners are at the center of all our interactions, helping us to achieve this great accomplishment.”

RMPEx is funded solely by contributions and operational revenues and is one of more than 30 similar state programs that exist throughout the U.S.  The approach is based on the Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence framework, a proven program that brings innovation and results to any organization.   More information about RMPEx is available at: