Laura Jeffries Honored with 2022 DBJ C-Suite Award

August 26, 2022

DENVER – AUGUST 26, 2022 – Donor Alliance, vice president of human resources, Laura Jeffries is being recognized by the Denver Business Journal with a C-Suite Award for her outstanding leadership and contributions in the donation and transplantation industry and the Denver business community.

Who is Laura Jeffries?

As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Jeffries leads Donor Alliance’s workforce life cycle, engagement and community outreach practices in addition to spearheading long-range strategic talent management. Jeffries has been with Donor Alliance for more than a decade and works to ensure the organization is continually engaging and nurturing relationships with the families of organ and tissue donors, staff, volunteers and partners—truly putting people first.

Under her HR leadership, Donor Alliance approaches employee engagement through several key elements: connection to mission, teamwork, recognition, compensation and benefits and opportunities to grow. Through this approach, Laura has helped to cultivate a culture of consistent communication and feedback, which has been key in helping the organization achieve its goals.

Continuing a Lifesaving Mission

Like most organizations, the pandemic had a powerful impact on Donor Alliance. However, unlike other industries, Donor Alliance’s essential work could not stop. For more than two years, Laura actively worked with the rest of Donor Alliance’s executive leadership team to plan for and help the organization mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 on its mission to save lives. For the nearly 1,500 people in Colorado waiting on a lifesaving transplant, the waitlist simply couldn’t wait, so Donor Alliance had to pivot quickly to find new ways to continue its lifesaving mission.

Laura’s ability to help the organization quickly pivot to a remote workforce contributed to its ability to continue adequate medical evaluation and care. This included Donor Alliance being able to transfer organ and tissue donors to the organization’s stand-alone recovery center, which helped minimize the impact on hospitals and ensured the gift of life could continue. Not only was Donor Alliance able to continue its mission, the organization also broke transplant records in both 2020 and 2021 with more than 600 lives saved last year alone.

Read more and meet the C-Suite Award winners at Denver Business Journal. Honorees will be honored at a cocktail reception on Sept. 21 and featured in print and online in a special section of the publication published on Friday, Sept. 23.