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Baby Liam was only seven days old when his parents made the heart-wrenching decision to remove his mechanical support. It was the hardest thing Jonathan and Lori had ever done.

“The decision to remove Liam’s ventilator was the most difficult decision we have ever had to make,” Lori said. “However, when we were approached with the news that Liam could be a heart donor, we made the decision to donate without hesitation.”

When the couple checked into the hospital on March 28, 2007, they expected to leave with a healthy baby, but Liam’s umbilical cord prolapsed during labor and cut off his oxygen supply. After an emergency cesarean, it took an excruciating 19 minutes to resuscitate the little boy. He was rushed to Children’s Hospital Colorado where doctors attempted to minimize the damage but eventually, the Driscolls were told their tiny son had sustained neurological devastation and would never eat, cry, open his eyes, or breathe on his own.

When they decided to donate Liam’s organs, the Driscolls learned that a little girl in the same hospital would receive his heart. On April 3, four-month-old who was born with a heart too weak to move oxygen through her body, received his heart.

“Nine months later, we received a letter and three photographs of a beautiful little girl who was alive and thriving because of Liam’s gift,” Lori said. “On that day, our hearts began to heal.”

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