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Tracking your virtual 5K instructions BELOW:

Tracking steps for Donor Dash

Below you’ll find detailed instructions and FAQs on how to track your participation using one of the following two ways:

*Having issues connecting your race to Runkeeper? Please email ( or call Race Roster (855-969-5515) directly.

ASICS Runkeeper™ app: Pro Tip: we recommend going to your mobile device’s app store to download the app first. One note: ASICS Runkeeper™ app operates with GPS technology to track your distance. If plan to use a treadmill, we recommend you skip down to option 2 to manually upload your race results. Here’s how the app works:

    • Step One: From your mobile device, go to and login to the account you used to register for Donor Dash. Forgot your password? No problem! Just follow the prompts from the login page to reset your password.
    • Step Two: Select “Donor Dash” from “Recent Registrations”. You’ll see your registration confirmation number and a teal button that says “Connect to my app”. Click the button to go to the Virtual Race.
    • Step Three: Your mobile device will prompt you to download or open the ASICS Runkeeper™ app from your mobile device app store. Downloading the app is free and no subscription is required to complete the Donor Dash Virtual 5K. If you come to a pop-up screen with paid subscription options, there is an X in the upper right hand corner you can click to close and proceed. You’ll set up an account on the app. Once you’re ready, from the “Start” menu on the bottom, click “Free Run”.
    • Step Four: Verify your name and click “Donor Dash”. Please note- if you have registered for other upcoming virtual races through Race Roster, they will also appear here. Result posting will be available as of July 17 starting at 8:00am. You will be prompted “Are you ready to start your Donor Dash Virtual 5K activity?”. Only click “Start Your Race” if you’re ready to complete the 5K. If you’d like to go for a warm-up or practice run to familiarize yourself with the app, we recommend starting the run until you’re ready to make it count.
    • Step Five: On your mark, get set, go! Once you finish the run, your results will be automatically e-mailed to you.

If you plan to record using another software or tracking device and need to post manually, simply head to the results page and “Submit Virtual Result”.

Your confirmation number and last name can be used to confirm your registration before submitting your results.

Confirmation number:

Last name:

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You can also visit this page to view posted results!


  • Multiple event distances or participants under one Race Roster account
    If you signed up for more than one distance within the same event, or signed up multiple individuals for the same event, please visit your Race Roster dashboard, select this event and then use the “Connect to App”button for each event distance or person. To send to a friend, copy and paste that connect to app button link and share it with them.
  • How to record your participation with the Runkeeper app
    To record your participation with the Runkeeper app, you will need to track your activity using your phone or with a connected wearable. You can follow these step-by-step instructions (with images) on how to track your participation using the ASICS Runkeeper app.
  • Tracking with your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch
    You can track your participation using your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch earlier. You must download the Runkeeper app and connect your device prior to starting your activity. Follow these stepsto add your Fitbit, Garmin, or Apple Watch activity to the Runkeeper app.
  • How to ensure your activity is tracked correctly
    Please make sure you run the full distance (to the decimal point) to ensure your result is posted.
    Note: If you run farther than the required distance, the Runkeeper app will post your fastest segment.
  • How to manually post your results on Race Roster
    Follow these steps to manually post your results on Race Roster (not using the app).
  • Limitations to note
    At this time, the Runkeeper app is unable to link to Suunto, Coros or Polar, but you can use your iPhone or Android.