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Donor Alliance Employees Recognized by AOPO for Leading Efforts in Donation and Transplantation

At the 2018 Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) conference, two Donor Alliance employees received recognitions for their leading efforts in donation and transplantation.

Jennifer Prinz, COO of Donor Alliance, was honored by receiving the AOPO/Cryolife Achievement Award. The award signifies an individual who has made significant personal or professional contributions to AOPO.

Jennifer has been an active participant in AOPO for over 15 years, serving on eight different committees, helping to maximize work with stakeholders and implement recommendations that advance the field of donation and transplantation, ultimately saving more lives. Through several leadership roles at AOPO, Jennifer continues to strive to help better meet the needs of the industry as a whole.

Steve Selby, Donor Alliance Director of Information Systems, was also honored, winning the highest recognition in the Poster Abstracts competition. Selby’s winning project depicted the concept of using artificial intelligence through machine learning to potentially assess the likelihood of referrals becoming organ donors and utilize staff skillset and numbers to maximize organ donation.

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