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Get the Facts: I’m Already Registered. Do I Still Need to Say Yes?

Coloradans support organ donationYou may be positive you have already signed up and have the heart on your driver license, but you still need to say Yes to becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor whenever you’re asked. Your most recent designation is what counts.

According to independent research that we conducted in 2017, 90 percent of Coloradans and Wyomingites support organ, eye and tissue donation, compared to the 68 percent of Coloradans and 59 percent of Wyomingites that are actually currently registered donors. Many residents report never having gotten around to it or not having thought about registering as the top reason they aren’t registered.

To help fill that gap, there are more ways for residents to sign up to become an organ, eye and tissue donor than ever before. Residents in both states can sign up in minutes online at Donate Life Colorado or Donate Life Wyoming, or in-person at their nearest driver license office. iPhone users—and, soon Android users—can now also sign up as a donor through the iPhone Health app. It’s as easy as launching the app, scrolling down and selecting the red “Sign up with Donate Life” icon and filling out the form.

Wyomingites support organ donationWe encourage residents to sign up using whichever process is easiest for them, but it’s important to remember to always say Yes each time you are asked at the Driver License Office. In Wyoming, residents are required to confirm the choice to sign up each time they renew their license or state ID. Even in Colorado where the registry has moved to a yes-carryover process, if you are asked if you would like to become a donor and know you are already registered, say Yes.

If you are interested in becoming a donor at the time of your death and want more information about the process and all the reasons to say Yes, visit our “Why Donate?” page.

In 2017, we conducted a study examining Colorado and Wyoming residents’ sentiments surrounding organ, eye and tissue donation. Throughout the year, we have been sharing some of the results on Donation Essentials to educate on the donation process, barriers to registration and what exactly the little heart on your driver license means.

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