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Hollywood Isn’t Reality – Fact Checking New Netflix Series, Chambers

Have you heard of the new horror series streaming on Netflix, Chambers? Maybe you’ve even started watching it.

If not, the basic premise is a heart recipient takes on sinister characteristics of her donor. It stars Uma Thurman.

While Hollywood is full of entertainment, it’s not always full of facts. Story lines centered around donation and transplantation, often contain sensationalism and even errors and Chambers in no different.

Chambers NetflixProblems With Shows Like Netflix Chambers

  • Perpetuates fears
  • Spreads misinformation, not facts
  • Could impact the lifesaving gift of organ, eye and tissue donation and transplantation

How YOU Can Help Set the Record Straight

You can find full, sample content provided by Donate Life Hollywood, including tweets, letters and more here.

As we know, this isn’t the only show that has had donation and transplantation as their main story line. Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor are just a few hospital dramas that at times, contain sensationalized story lines.

It’s important we all do our part to educate others on the facts behind organ, eye and tissue donation. Shows like Netflx Chambers may harm public trust.

Research shows that story lines perpetuating fear about organ donation keep people from registering as a donor, which can cost lives.

Every day, 18 people die because an organ was not donated in time. Shows like “Chambers” create fear & distrust around organ donation and keep people from saying yes to donating life.

As always, you can get the facts at or Be sure to share the facts with others!

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