Donor Alliance in the Community

It’s National Volunteer Week, and this year we thought we would take a moment to reflect on what it means to be a volunteer and celebrate our amazing Advocates for Life volunteers.

Volunteering as a Service

We all volunteer multiple times throughout our life. It could be as simple as helping a co-worker with a project that is not part of your job responsibility. It could be as complex as signing up to be a classroom volunteer at an elementary school and committing several hours a week to helping children learn how to read. The actual definition of the word volunteer is “to offer oneself for some service or undertaking.” (source:

So what does it mean to you to offer yourself to serve another? It’s important to pause this week and reflect on how you volunteer to serve others. This could be as significant as saying Yes and signing up on the Donate Life Colorado Organ and Tissue Donor Registry or  Donate Life Wyoming Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Volunteering to donate organs and tissues for transplant after death is one way we can serve others in our community.

Volunteering as an Advocate

donor alliance volunteer

Another way to volunteer to help others is to sign up to participate in our Advocates for Life program. Our Advocates for Life program is comprised of donor family members, transplant recipients, transplant candidates, living donors, and others who are passionate about supporting organ, eye, and tissue donation and transplantation. Donor Alliance Advocates are the heart and soul of our efforts to inspire the public about the importance of signing up to be an organ, eye, and tissue donor in Colorado and Wyoming.

Our Advocates for Life put in over a thousand volunteer hours every year, helping us out at hundreds of events throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Advocates for Life help with everything from running an information table at a small event to speaking at a larger event to helping out in our office to even sewing together quilts for donor families. We have a hearty group of talented, committed volunteers who truly help Donor Alliance accomplish their mission of saving lives through organ, eye, and tissue donation.

Get Involved!

Have a connection to donation and transplantation? Are you a supporter of the cause? We’d love to have you join our Advocates for Life Program. Click here to get started!