January 19, 2023

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What Organs Can Be Donated?

January 19, 2023

When you say Yes to organ, eye, and tissue donation and join the Donate Life Colorado Organ & Tissue Donor Registry at the Driver License Office, you have made the decision to donate your organs, eyes, and tissues after death. Do you know what organs can be donated and transplanted?


one donor can save up to eight lives

Organ donation is giving the gift of life by providing one organ, multiple organs, or a partial organ for transplant into one or more people.

While the list of organs and tissues that can be successfully transplanted continues to grow with advances in technology, there are eight major organs that can be transplanted after death. Living donation is another incredible way you can help save the life of someone waiting for an organ transplant.


A deceased donor can donate and save up to eight lives by donating organs after death. These major organs include the heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs, and pancreas. The liver, in some instances, can be split and help save the lives of two individuals.

To make your decision to sign up as an organ, eye, and tissue donor, register here in Colorado or Wyoming.


Living donation is another option to give the gift of life to another. Living donation is not part of the Donate Life Colorado Organ and Tissue Donor Registry and should be discussed directly with a transplant center.

Only a few organs can be transplanted from one living person to another. A living donor can donate one of their kidneys, or a portion of their lung, liver, pancreas, or intestine. Living kidney donation is the most common living donation and helps save thousands of lives each year. Donating a portion of one’s lung, liver, pancreas and intestine are more rare circumstances.

The medical evaluation process for living donations is rigorous, and not everyone can be a living donor. However, anyone can check Yes to organ, eye, and tissue donation after death and give hope to those who are waiting.

You can learn more about living donation and transplant centers in our area to see if living donation is an option for you.

We encourage you to learn the facts about organ, eye and tissue donation so you can make an informed decision. Then, sign up anytime online, and each time you get your driver’s license or state ID at your local Driver Licenses Office in Colorado, we honor your most recent decision, so it is important to say Yes every time.

Remember to always share your heroic and lifesaving decision with your family and loved ones.

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