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Donor Mother

Cody / Powell, WY

My daughter, Kathleen Shannon, passed away suddenly in 2009 at the age of 31.

She always believed in donation and wanted to be an organ and tissue donor when she passed. Even though it was a difficult time for her family, we ensured her decision was carried out when Kathleen passed.

The thought that my daughter’s death could be the miracle another family was waiting for gave her death meaning and helped us with the grieving process. And now, thanks to my Kathleen’s gifts of life, a woman in Japan and a man in Colorado regained their eyesight through the gift of my daughter’s corneas. Kathleen, a young lady from small town Wyoming, has saved and healed lives all around the world! We received a letter from the lady in Japan and her gentle and precious words will stay in our hearts forever.

I’ve been so inspired by seeing the impact of my daughter’s gifts, that I have become a passionate advocate for donation and transplantation. I am hopeful that I can help inspire others to say Yes to organ, eye and tissue donation.

Download Pat’s Story of Hope here.