Donor Memory Cards

Memory Card F.A.Q.

How much do Memory Cards cost?
Memory Cards are free for the families of our donors. Donor Alliance will assume all costs for printing and shipping.

What file types are accepted for the photo on the front of the card?
Allowable file types are jpg, jpeg, png, and pdf.

How long will it take to receive the Donor Memory Cards?
Once your order is submitted, the cards will be printed and shipped the following business day. Our printing partner ships using USPS Priority Mail, which takes two to three days. Production and shipping of the cards can be expedited to a limited degree, but we are unable to have the cards delivered in less than two business days. If you need the cards by a certain date, please indicate this on your order form and we will make every effort to have the cards arrive on or before your requested date.

I need my Memory Cards sooner – can I pick up my order from the Donor Alliance office?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Memory Cards are not printed in our office, and our printing partner is on the east coast. Your Memory Cards will be shipped directly to you from our printing partner.

What if I don’t have a digital photograph of my loved one?
You many submit the information for memory cards by mail. Please mail a photo, words of tribute, and your loved one’s name to: Donor Alliance, Attn: Memory Cards, 200 Spruce St Suite 200, Denver, CO 50230. We will mail your photo back to you once we have placed your order.

What if I don’t have a photo of my loved one?
If you don’t have a photo of your loved, we can place an image of a nature scene, a favorite sport or activity, or something else on the cards. As long as the image is not copyrighted, almost anything that was meaningful to your loved can be placed on the cards.

Will the photo I submit of my loved one be altered?
Your photo may be edited to include cropping, red-eye removal, background editing, and/or damages to the photo being digitally removed. If you would prefer that your photo remain unedited, please note this on your order form.

I’m not sure what to put as Words of Tribute, do you have any suggestions?
Yes, please click on the following link for our suggestions page: Suggestions for Words of Tribute

Are Memory Cards laminated?
Yes. Because the cards are made as a tribute to your loved one, all of our Donor Memory Cards are laminated. The laminate helps protect the cards and preserve the quality of the images. There is no fringe or border along the side of the cards, each card is cut to be a seamless piece.

If I allow Donor Alliance to use digital or printed versions of my loved one’s card for donation awareness opportunities, how will my loved one’s card be used?
Donor Memory Cards that have permission to be shared can be used in many ways to promote donation, and to support the people (hospital and coroner staff, Donor Alliance staff, etc.) who make donation possible. They are shared with the hospital staff that worked with the donor and the donor’s family. The cards are also displayed in photo albums consisting of many other donors which are shared at educational events and registry drives. Digital versions of cards may also be displayed on the Donor Alliance website or on social media sites for Donate Life Colorado and Donate Life Wyoming. We may also use the cards as examples when explaining them to future donor families. If you would prefer that your loved one’s Memory Cards remain private, you can indicate this on your order form.

Other questions?
Please email or call us at or 303-370-2737 if you have any other questions.