Donor Registry and Deceased Donation

Buddhism and Organ Donation

November 9, 2023

Buddhism’s Perspective on Organ Donation: Buddhist Donation Buddhism and Organ Donation: Understanding the Connection You’ve probably heard that organ, eye, and tissue donation is a generous act supported by all major religions in the United States, but what does Buddhism say about organ donation? In this comprehensive guide, we break it down for you.   […]

Multicultural Groups and Donation: Does Race Matter in Organ Transplants?

August 1, 2023

Understanding the Impact of Race on Organ Transplantation Organ transplantation is a remarkable medical procedure. It involves surgically replacing a failing or damaged organ in one individual with a healthy organ from another individual, showcasing the remarkable potential of modern medicine to extend the gift of existence. Many people wonder: does race matter in organ […]

Is There an Age Limit for Organ and Tissue Donation?

June 23, 2023

Our Advocates for Life say some of the most frequently asked questions they get from the public is, “is there an age limit for organ and tissue donation?” or “how old is too old to donate?” So, is There an Age Limit for Donation? Can You Be Too Old to Donate? The short answer is, […]

Who can register to donate organs after death?

June 6, 2023

Proud to Say Yes to Organ and Tissue Donation!  This PRIDE month celebrates all the contributions made by the queer community including being Registered Organ Donors. Have you wondered who can donate organs after death? We’re here to tell you that EVERYONE can register to donate after death, no matter age, sexuality, or medical conditions. […]

Older Americans Month: Am I Too Old To Be A Donor?

April 30, 2023

May Is Older Americans Month. The question of whether or not someone is too old to register as an organ, eye and tissue donor is one we hear frequently. Too many times people will automatically rule themselves out as potential donors, due to health or age restrictions. However, each person is evaluated at the time […]

What is the Time Frame for Transplanting Organs?

April 23, 2023

Organ, Eye and Tissue Donation Saves Lives The lifesaving benefits of organ donation and transplantation are widely known and accepted. Many don’t realize how critical and complex the time frame for transplanting organs from donor to recipient can be. If you’re wondering how long organs are viable after death, the short answer is – that […]

Can My Family Override My Decision to be a Donor?

April 12, 2023

Can My Family Override My Decision to be a Donor? Many people wonder if their family can override their decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor after death. In short, the answer is no. Let’s talk a little more about this decision, the registry, and the donation process. What does Signing Up as […]

Will Doctors Still Save my Life if I’m a Registered Organ Donor?

March 1, 2023

Doctors will do EVERYTHING in their power to save your life, even if you’re a registered organ donor. Here’s why: Many people wonder: will doctors save my life if I’m a registered organ donor? Medical professionals prioritize saving lives when sick or injured people arrive at the hospital. They do not consider organ and tissue […]

The Gift of Life: One of the Most Unique Gifts to Give

December 12, 2022

The Gift of Life: One of the Most Unique Gifts to Give this Holiday Season Register your decision online today as an organ donor and tissue donor so you have the ability to give the #GiftOfLife in the future. A Happy Holiday Message from Donor Alliance The gift of life truly is one of the […]

Multicultural Groups & Donation: Does Race Matter in Organ Transplants?

July 25, 2022

The need for lifesaving organ transplants affects all communities regardless of race, ethnicity, age or sex. However, when it comes to race and transplants, there is an even greater need for organ transplants among diverse communities and a need in our region and nationally for more people of color to sign up as organ, eye […]

Octubre Mes del Cáncer de Mama: El Tejido Donado Puede Ayudar con la Reconstrucción de Seno

October 14, 2021

Nos Ponemos de Rosa Durante el Mes de Concientización Sobre el Cáncer de Mama: Muchos saben que octubre es el Mes de Concientización sobre el Cáncer de Mama (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), un tiempo para incrementar conciencia sobre este tema. Lo que muchos no saben es que los donantes de organos, ojos y tejidos, asi […]

Grupos multiculturales y la donación: ¿Importa la raza en los trasplantes de órganos?

July 27, 2021

La necesidad de trasplantes de órganos que salvan vidas afecta a todas las comunidades independientemente de su origen étnico, edad y sexo. Sin embargo, cuando se habla sobre la raza y trasplantes, existe una necesidad mayor de trasplantes de órganos en las comunidades de color y una necesidad prevalente en nuestra región—y a nivel nacional— […]